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Issue 1

30 Jun

Click here to download a pdf of the first issue of PINK SLIP!


Hay World

29 Jun

PINK SLIP began as a project between three friends in Murfreesboro, TN in late 2008. The three of us decided that it would be fun to start a zine where we could not only share our drunk haikus with the world, but where we could decorate and photocopy them, too! To the haikus, we added crafts, recipes, movie reviews, class reviews, etc. PINK SLIP began as a way to make our undergraduate lives a little more interesting, but now that we have graduated, grown up (just a little), and moved on to bigger and better cities, who knows what direction PINK SLIP will take.

We started this blog as a way to keep the spirit of PINK SLIP alive, while each of us live our post grad lives literally spread across Tennessee in Memphis, Nashville, and Johnson City. We will miss washing our glue stick fingers and doodling directly on the page, but with a new medium comes new adventures. Expect posts about stuff we like, stuff we don’t like, and our witty repartee.

Stay tuned