Rap Music

1 Sep

Rap music makes me feel like a woman.

It’s definitely not one’s typical reaction when listening to a genre of music filled with the objectification, exploitation, and violence against women; however it’s a visceral response for me.

I would consider myself a feminist.

I believe that both genders should be treated equally, and I think that there should be laws that enforce this. Yet, I also appreciate a larger/stronger male figure in my life that will protect and safeguard me from the unscrupulous world outside.

I want a man that can pick me up and have his way with me (with my consent, of course). I want the occasional meal paid for, and I’d even be grateful for the rare gift of flowers (preferably NOT on Valentines Day, though).

Honestly, this pains me to admit all of this. I’ve been raised under the assurance that I can accomplish and do anything I wish, that I can live alone, have a successful career, and be altogether independent. This sounds spectacular for the simple fact that I want to be able to wake up and take a poop, be able to lay around with my tousled hair and morning breath, without being concerned of impressing anyone. I want to allot however much money I so choose on expensive clothing and fashionable accessories. I want an everlasting amount of alone time with which I can fill however I wish (crafting, diary writing, reading, masturbating, etc.)

But I have to admit, I’ve never wanted someone to hold hands with more than recently. I plan on living a long life, and I simply cannot imagine an entire future filled with nights of solitude. I can’t fathom a life without the possibility of children. It’s ridiculous, but I was meant to give birth- have you seen my hips? HELLO!

I cook and bake and sew- my talents were manufactured for making babies. And it would be a hell-of-a-struggle to be a single mother.

So, back to rap music- Its rough dialogue makes me feel feminine in contrast. Rappers are so manly and thug-like, that I can’t help but feeling delicate amidst their violent verses.

Most times I feel that being single is the way to go, but when I hear Ja Rule rapping “I know you’re tired of being lonely.. so baby girl put it on me”- I can’t help but want to be swept off my feet.

-The Urban Housewife


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