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art: henri cartier-bresson

8 Nov

This summer I was very lucky to go to New York City (thanks big brother!!!) and went to the Museum of Modern Art, or MoMA. Usually I am super excited for the first hour or two at museums and then rush to just get out the last hour, but this one was a non-stop surge of adrenaline the entire time. While we were there, the museum had a special exhibit of the French photographer, Henri Cartier-Bresson. I was so impressed (and overwhelmed) that I bought the very expensive souvenir book so I can learn and see everything about this incredible (badass) artist. Here are my favorites:

Threesome in Coney Island, NY 1946

hot Very HOT (look at him grabbing his tie!) in Naples, Italy 1960

hair Getting hair did in Alicante, Spain 1933 (POLL: male OR female in the middle?!)

water HELLO! in Italy 1933

uh oh post WWII near Strasbourg, France 1944

park napping in the park Boston 1947

tent city I asked the family about this one (Somerville is close to Memphis): basically, this picture is depicting a HUGE civil rights moment that got national attention. Tent City near Somerville, TN 1961

easter I’d go to church more often if I could wear hats like this. Easter Sunday in Harlem, NY 1942

AND Cartier-Bresson did portraits of some famous people:
jean Hell is other people. Jean-Paul Sartre 1946

truman Harper Lee’s best friend. Truman Capote 1947

LOVE this one (probably more for that stretching dog in the background than WF) William Faulkner and dogs. Oxford, MS 1947

max ernst
Max Ernst and Dorothea Tanning in Huismes, France 1955 (Max Ernst is one of my all-time favorite artists, but I’ll save that for another time..)

Well, my brain is a little fried tonight, but I managed to finally post an entry. What I think impressed me the most about Henri Cartier-Bresson was how he could take a picture in France, another in the States, and then another in Mexico, and all the people are just people. All with the same pleasures and same worries…you forget where they’re living or what they could be representing. I digress (and starting to write funky), so I’m gonna stop there and let my frazzled brain chill out.

-big daddy