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paper towels

3 Dec

Already at the young age of 24, I’ve learned when to actually shell out more ca$h for the name brand and when not to. One of the most important brand-name items I’ve learned to spend the extra bucks on are paper towels. In college, everyone is broke as hell and just trying to balance funds to afford 1. alcohol 2. everything else, so it only makes sense to save two dollars on paper towels to buy an extra beer at the bar.

At one time, Lil Momma and I were looking for a roommate after one recently moved out. We were lazy, and didn’t want to move across the apartment complex to the 2-bedroom apartments, so anyone was welcome. We invited a few people, and knew, of course, they’d want to move in us because we’re awesome. Little did we know, one of our cheap habits was a factor in not being a resident in DaSoulDen. We. Used. Economical. Paper. Towels. Extremely un-absorbent, only can be used for eating (no cleaning!), and easily use up a roll in a week. But they’re only a DOLLAR. We found it funny (and prissy) that paper towels were such a big deal. But, things change, and at some time, we did get a roll of the fancy shit and was SO impressed that I don’t think either of us will ever go back to the $1 rolls. You can reuse these paper towels! You can clean counters and stoves and they won’t tear! You can soak up spills with just one sheet! You can clean your face, your hands, AND your shirt after a meal (messy eater, here)! Even better are the “select-a-size” ones where you can choose how much of the paper towel you need. Just eating and need a napkin? Select the smallest size. Cleaning the bathroom sink? Take 2. Rubbing out that vomit in the living room carpet? At least 3 or 4. So amazing. I’ve definitely crossed over to the dark side, and will spend the extra bucks on the durable, but delicate paper towels.

There are a few other things I refuse to buy generic of…like ketchup, aluminum foil, and kitty litter. But I really do think the change to expensive paper towels has helped me get closer to winning my battle with domesticity. Mind blowing.

-big daddy